FuoriConcorso is a real community of car enthusiasts from all over the world

Community that meets every year to fully enjoy its passion: cars. From the engine and the design of the livery, to the idea that gave life to the project, everything that revolves around the most beautiful cars in the world is a matter of interest, exchange and discussion for Friends of FuoriConcorso, listed on this page as a form of thank you for their support. These are people who have contributed to the success of FuoriConcorso, or even to the entire automotive industry. Whether they are collectors, producers, journalists, designers or photographers, they are the pillars of our community of car enthusiasts.

  • FuoriConcorso Friends

  • Jean Alesi
  • Boris Apenbrink
  • Jan Baedeker
  • Filippo Bassoli
  • Simone Bertolero
  • Andrea Bianchedi
  • Marcus Breitschwerdt
  • Emiel Burki
  • Benedetto Camerana
  • Luciano Colosio
  • Eric Comàs
  • James Cottingham
  • Giampaolo Dallara
  • Manuel D'Avanzo
  • Paolo Dellachà
  • Tobias Donnevert
  • Christoph Emde
  • Kurt Engelhorn
  • Romana Fabbris
  • Alexander Fabig
  • Bettina Fetzer
  • Alex Gibson
  • Roberto Giolito
  • Ted Gushue
  • Niki Hasler
  • Ralf Häßler
  • Helmut Kaes
  • Fritz Kaiser
  • Alexander Klein
  • Colin Kolles
  • Manuel Lasagni
  • Luigi Lenatti
  • Marc Lichte
  • Corrado Lopresto
  • Duccio Lopresto
  • Massimo Macaluso
  • Benjamin Marjanac
  • Michael Mauer
  • Daniela Milošević
  • Helga Ohlhaeuser
  • Stephane Ortelli
  • Horacio Pagani
  • Stuart Parr
  • J. Philip Ratgen
  • Roberto Plati
  • Aymeric Poujol
  • Victoria Ray
  • Andrea Recordati
  • Enrico Ricci
  • Camilo Rio
  • Phillip Sarofim
  • Edoardo Schon
  • Giorgio Schon
  • Florian Seidl
  • Achim Stejskal
  • Fabrizio B. Stigliani
  • Alfredo Stola
  • Luca Trazzi
  • Kahan Tuluk
  • Daniele Turrisi
  • Adrian Von Hooydonk
  • Christian Von Koenigsegg
  • Frank Steffen Walliser
  • Mark Webber
  • Henrik Wenders
  • Dialma Zinelli
  • Christoph Zitzmann

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